Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Dog Loves When I'm Home

My Boxer mix loves loves LOVES to pull me on my Gravity Board. She will pester me for hours nudging her leash to tell me to take her on a skate. When I put on my vans, she goes ape-sh*t, and dances all the way out to the street. She knows when I put on my skate shoes, things are gonna be fun. As can be seen in the video, she puts the leash in her mouth and physically pulls me along (I help out by skating as fast as I can). She will pull the leash until she gets tired of that, then lets go, downshifts, and kicks in the turbo. We have been clocked at 25 mph before in my old neighborhood. So much fun. She only gets to "skate" when I'm home. Unfortunately for her, my pregnant Wife cannot handle the danger.

This used to be a daily occurrence when she was younger. She had so much pent up energy when she was young, I had to burn it out somehow. There were many days i came home to a house full of disaster and destruction due to her pent up energy and abandonment issues. She is all grown up now, and has outgrown these puppy traits, but she still LOVES to run full speed around the neighborhood. I taught her "left turn" and "right turn" when she was young, and she knows "whoah," but she has a hard time hearing that one. I get to steer, watch for on-coming traffic, and generally make sure we don't get killed on the road.

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