Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fail-eo Thanksgiving, and Why I'm Not Guilty.

I have a confession to make. I ate an apple fritter today. I also had some Pecan Pie. AND THEY WERE AWESOME!!!! I didn't have too much of a chance to feel like crap, but I'm sure I would have if I wasn't too busy stuffing my coffee intake portal full of every known meat combo available along with rice dressing, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, garlic mashed potatoes and... coffee. I completely went against (nearly) everything my paleo conscience stands for today. I went into my Thanksgiving meal with reckless abandon, and I don't feel the slightest bit guilty.

Now some people need to have the strict confines of a program or a diet, and freak out completely when they "cheat" on it. You can recognize these folks by their ziploc containers full of carrots and baggies full of almonds. If you happen to offer them a particular item of food, they either flat out call you crazy or you can watch them scramble with a calculator to figure out how many shots of olive oil they need to do when they get back to their apartment on the rich side of town to offset the extra carbs. I am not this person.

I was prepared for this day. I planned ahead and had a decent workout fasted around noon. I went until my stomach felt like it was going to eat through my belly button and slap me in the face to tell me to eat an egg, so I had to eat some ham and tomatoes. I had planned on fasting all day, but running and exercising got the better of me. I needed a little fuel to last through my domination of the kitchen. I definitely went over my limit on food today, and I ate some things reserved for the 6th level of paleo purgatory, but I will be alright. I feel good.

Here is why I don't feel like I need to bath in holy bone broth: I have been feeling like ass all week. The holidays are tough when you are away from the most important things in your life, and I have been seriously down. I had the blues. Well, after losing 25 pounds this summer, and working out nearly everyday, I came to the realization, that one little apple fritter isn't going to kill me. I love apple fritters and coffee. I think, as a reward for doing so well on my little weigh-loss-body-recomposition-badassification, then dammit! I earned that little fucker! I ate that apple fritter, and it was gooooooooooood. We have a hook-up with a local bakery on the bayou, and usually when the girl brings by a box of donuts, I sneer and avoid them. I know that one leads to many, and sugar leads to more sugar cravings. they are pretty dang good. The personal sized pecan pies rival my wife's (but not even close baby). Well.... after eating said sugar bomb fat pill, I felt ok. I knew I was about to go pig the eff out anyway, so whatevs. We had Turkey(Me), Venison, Turducken from a local specialty meat store, green bean casserole, rice dressing(cajun dirty rice), deviled eggs, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes(me), and I ran out of room for home made carrot cake. Paleo Fail. the turkey and venison, not so much, but a lot of the other stuff - FAIL. But you know what? I done got rid of my blues for the day. SO I feels alright.

I'm simmering what's left of the turkey to make a stock. My plan is to live on the broth most of tomorrow. I think i'll need a good cleaning.

I want to say I am thankful. I am extremely thankful for my little family, and the fact that I have a job that lets me take care of them. They are my world, and I hate the fact that Daddy has to travel to give them the best life possible, but I am truly thankful that My beautiful little daughter has her beautiful mother taking car of her in our pretty little corner near the ocean. I love you.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

End the TSA

Does the Molestation by glorified federal mall cops create more security? No. It does absolutely nothing for the security of this nation. It exacerbates the ridiculous over-reaction, and over-reach of federal power. I like my 4th Amendment rights, thanks.
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

By I mean, honestly, does anyone actually think this shit is working beside Janet Napolitano, John Pistole and Michael Chertoff? Michael Chertoff, consequentially is making large profits from the manufacturers of the Body Scan Machines.
2005: Michael Chertoff, as head of Homeland Security, orders the first batch of porno scanners from a company called Rapiscan Systems. After his departure, Chertoff gave dozens of interviews using his government credentials to promote the device. What he didn’t tell people was that Rapiscan was one of the clients of his consulting company, The Chertoff group.

The answer, of course is NO. This shit doesn't work for security. It works for the people on top of the heap. The pat downs make it so atrocious to think about opting out, that more people are willing to walk through the machines. This creates more demand for a useless machine, and increases revenue for L-3 and "Rapescan" all while bypassing our Constitutional right to privacy.

If I was a terrorist hell-bent on killing as many infidels as possible, where would the most logical place be to detonate a large amount of high explosive? Well, I would happen to think walking into the middle of a long line of people waiting with no place to go other than a security checkpoint would obliterate as many god-fearing citizens as possible! The benefit of this, of course is all the security cameras already in place trained on American citizens would provide endless hours for AlJazeera to broadcast to the Muslim world! The need for an accomplice to film said attack would not be necessary!

If I was a stupid terrorist merely wanting to bring down a plane, I could smuggle in a stinger missile over the border with Mexico, Canada, or with a boat along the millions of miles of un-patrolled coastline; and merely sit alongside the departure end of any runway in a large metropolitan area, and knock the plane out of the sky and into a populated area. Now tell me how much security do you really need for DOMESTIC FLIGHTS!?

To call these policies mis-guided is giving these jokers too much credit. There must be some pocket padding going on by someone in the these mega-defense contracting companies. The simple answer would be to start dismantling the TSA and get rid of these over-reaching "Security" Dogmas. Instead of hiring anyone that doesn't have a criminal record part-time for $14/hr, let's cut this in half and hire people with criminalogy degrees for 80k/yr and place them in plain clothes to monitor people who are acting suspiciously starting in the Parking lots (Similar to Israeli protocols), and maybe we can stop more than 50% of the guns and knives that still make it through security. My belt buckle is not an explosive device. My shoes aren't full of explosive. That's been done, and failed. Are they really going to try this crap again?

The terrorist is lucky in his position because even if he fails in his initial task, he still induces fear on the populace. The TSA has to react when there is a perceived call that "Something has to be done," so to keep up the perception they are doing Something, they increase the perception of more uniformed TSA Agents, More restrictions, longer delays, and more disgruntled assholes who take out their frustrations from having to grab ball sacks all day for 28k/yr on the law-abiding terrified american citizens to show that they really do have more authority than is actually there. Outside of that security checkpoint, they are still just the creepy old cat lady or the guy that hangs out in a van by the little league field. There, they are IMPORTANT godammit!

This needs to stop. Bureaucratic nonsense has led to a bloated agency with more power than it needs, and a Director that doesn't listen to congress. I don't feel more secure. I feel molested. National Opt Out day is tomorrow. If you are flying, wear a kilt and opt out. Don't shower that day either. If you are woman, stay home. I wouldn't subject my wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, or any female I know (well ok, maybe a couple) to the pat-down procedures in place right now. I personally have no problem showing off my blurry junk to a stranger twice a month, but i'm not given the choice. I have a HUGE problem with my loved ones being subjected to this shit. I personally won't be flying with my wife and Daughter until this ends. It HAS TO END. The Executive branch of government has stepped over it's boundaries, and the congress has done little to nothing to stop it. There is a call to action that is happening in the House and Senate, and a few Congressmen have been actively trying to stop this, but there needs to be more action.
This is a letter from Congressman Rush Holt, from the 12th District of New Jersey asking for a conference with John Pistole about the same ideas I have brought up in this Post.
Now watch this video. This is why I will NOT be traveling by air with my family until this ends.
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Enough Is Enough! Ron Paul's freedom speech about the TSA and airport security -

Enough Is Enough! Ron Paul's freedom speech about the TSA and airport security -
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Practical Paleo – Diet Tip of the Day – Sauces

Practical Paleo – Diet Tip of the Day – Sauces

I love Hot Sauces!!!!

Don;t forget to add your Iguana Brand Sauces

Making a List

I haven't been posting as much substance lately. I need to make very clear that it isn't for lack of information, but rather OVERWHELMING topics. I have so many things I want to write about that I can't put them all together in a clear and concise, educated thought-provoking post.
Here is a checklist of things that I can post about in the future:

1. End the TSA. It has crossed the line, and outgrown it's usefulness. No replacing the TSA Agents with private contractors. End it. The Private airport security guards still need to follow the rules and our breach of constitutional rights.

2. Where is the disconnect between children's health and shoving sugar laced marshmallow crack down their throats, or Enfamil pushing formula around every corner of the internet and parenting magazine?

3. The Food Safety Modernization Act(S.510), Small Farmers, Raw Milk, and the FDA Goons.

Edit: There is an Ammendment attached to differentiate between family farms and Direct to Consumer sales from the Mega-Farms

So these are supposed to come up in the future. If I say I'm going to do it, well, Now I have to write them. It's just a matter of focusing on one topic long enough without getting pissed off. Herein lies the problem. They all three PISS ME OFF. I get so spun up about all three of these topics that I've been in knots.

Here is a video. Enjoy.

Farmageddon Trailer from Kristin Canty on Vimeo.

Here is another one:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Can't Tell Me Nothing with Zach Galifianakis - High Quality Video

I love Zach Galifanakis, and I love Bonny Prince Billy. This is just random hilarity, and I assume what happens when two great minds get bored in the Kentucky countryside. Weeeeeee!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where did the Science go?

Adam at Practical Paleolithic has a better formed rant than I could ever put together. His story is similar to a multitude of people that have spent years bouncing around from doctor to doctor, to neuropathology, to finally finding this whole buzz-word umbrella of "Paleo"; only to finally have their health getting better.
The mainstream medical establishment is fixated – to the point of insanity or idiocy, I can’t decide which – on individual systems in the body. As far as they’re concerned, nothing is related to anything else. If you’re depressed, it means your brain is broken – it couldn’t have anything to do with your diet. I mean, look how “far away” your stomach is from your head. How could they be related? Anxious? Your brain is broken – but in a different way from the depression. It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that the speed of life and the volume of stress we endure every day is THOUSANDS of times faster than anything our equipment is evolved to handle. And, if you’re having digestive problems it couldn’t have anything to do with the coffee and donuts you have every morning. As far as the medical establishment is concerned, the body is just a dumb machine that can be manipulated with chemicals and man’s scientific genius. IS THIS NOT THE HEIGHT OF CONCEIT? A few hundred years of man and science are smarter than MILLIONS of years of evolution? This is man’s ego run amuck.

And, remember, I’m a trained scientist! I lived in that world FOR YEARS!

Read this article.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Booze, Friends, Music, and Fire

There is nothin more Primal than music, booze and fire.

Here's to the veterans who were lucky to have a fire. Here's to the veterans that fought and continue to fight. Freedom is in the hearts and minds of those sworn to protect it.
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

End of my 2 week Challenge Results

Just a quick post to brag about myself report my results:

After 2 weeks of my original challenge of Strict Paleo (no grains, legumes, dairy, or added sugar*) and Intermittent Fasting anywhere from 14-18 hours a day and including on 24 hour test, I have hit my goal of losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks! I started at 212lbs., and after my weigh in this morning I weighed 201lbs! All the sympathy weight gain from earlier this year is GONE!!!! I'm back to the weight I was the day of my wedding.

I am down a belt size, and I can definitely tell my BF% is down. I'm leaner. I have been at a sticking point lately, and I really think the IF and working out in a fasted state was the little push I needed to get over the hump. I'm not sold on the no dairy thing yet, but it's working, so I'm not in a hurry to throw it back in. I know today's dairy is definitely NOT the healthy product it claims to be, and I think I will probably forgo the milk and yogurt. I will definitely be snooty on my cheese selection as well.

Now alcohol is going to be tough. It's already very painful not pouring some Bourbon over ice in the evenings. I should just accept the ten pounds and have a drink, but I'm afraid I will binge. I may have to get a bottle of good red wine for this evenings dinner. I think that should be acceptable. We'll see.

Anyway, 10 pounds in two weeks is pretty cool. My jeans are loose. It's a good feeling.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Paleo in the Real World

Tomorrow is the end of my two week experiment in Strict Paleo-hood and intermittent fasting-ness. I made it through lighter, healthier, clearer, and I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I was a really bad grazer. I would constantly eat when i was bored. I know this because i would usually grab a string cheese or an apple, or some celery or carrots with sunbutter. With the fasting part, I found out that I was only eating because i was bored, and I had a throw-back to my Zone days still lingering on. It was never required. I also found though fasting, that I operate more clearly in the mornings running only on coffee and water, than i do when i eat a breakfast. I was never a big breakfast person growing up, but had since started eating breakfast due to various cultural dogmas and social pressures. I can even remember thinking about how much hungrier at lunch I was when I ate a breakfast, compared to when I skipped. I would eat significantly more when i ate breakfast compared to not. The same goes for my lunches this last week. I didn't even realize I was fasting at 18 hours. It was only when i started thinking about the time, and putting food thoughts in my brain did I really start to feel hungry. It is a total Mind game. Plus, the cold fingers and toes was kinda neat. It's a good feeling knowing your hands are cold because you are losing your belly fat. It brings up memories of peroxide on scrapes as a kid, and complaining to your mom.
me: "Mom, it burns!!!!"
Mom: "That means it's working!"
You just suck it up, and know it's helping.

This evening was especially difficult. Generally, being this is the end of my 2 week shift with no real outside interaction or alcohol, I usually go down to the VooDoo BBQ stuck on the side of my hotel and have BBQ Shrimp (drowning in yummy butter sauce), veggies(buttered), Maker's Mark fine Bourbon Whisky, and an Abita Amber or two to cap off the shift. Also, Monday Night Football, and newfound drinkin buddies are usually factored into the equation. Tonight, I opted for a different approach. I left the camp later than normal to distract me from the long hours waiting to go to sleep and all the delicious BBQ, Beer, and Muzak Bliues, and checked into my room and stayed in there. I may have well as boarded the doors. I covered the room service menu up with other hotel paraphernalia, to overt my eyes from the tantalizing pictures of mac and cheese and Pork in all it's many glorious forms. I feel like a recovering alcoholic. Why am I going to all this trouble to avoid an otherwise perfectly acceptable caveman-esque meal of charred pig flesh? Because of BEER and alcohol in general. Beer is my deregulator. I could sneak in one, sure, but after 2 weeks of near isolation, one beer just isn't going to cut it. I would need at least three. Then I would be hungry. I would have to order BBQ -- which, BTW is probably loaded with sugar along with who knows what else -- further derailing my best attempts at keeping clean. I would most likely have a few drinks, and give up my stance on my personal challenge, and then i would keep drinking until I could convince myself I would feel fine in the morning. I, however speaking from experience, would not. So what do you crave with a hangover? CRAP. That's what. I would lose two whole days of clean eating for a measly beer. A cold, frosty, delicious, Abita Amber with drips of condensation melting the frost on it's sides. Complimenting the smoky aroma of the BBQ ever present in the air.

Yeah. This shit is tough.

So here is my newest Dilemma. I have decided I would like to try to extend my challenge another 6 days. I would say more, but I am having a party on Sunday, and I don't want that hanging over my head, so I can enjoy myself. These 6 days are going to be in an un-controlled real world environment. I will have wife and baby to contend with as well as myself. My wife is not doing this challenge, and will be consuming whatever she damn well pleases. We will also have the constant temptation of going to restaurants. This is a bad habit I hope to break, but It's hard to say. I will also be contending with dinner at my in-laws, I'm sure. So this is going to be very tough for me. In the context of Primal I do well, but the 20% has a way of creeping up on you. Tomorrow I will be tromping through Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport feeling like the Geico Caveman. You can substitute the caveman add for a picture of Jillian Michaels or one of the many Starbucks, Chick-fil-a's, or any and all of the food courts in every concourse. Cue Royksopp.

However, this is a long awaited homecoming for my beautiful little family. I can't wait to see my little girl and her momma! She grows so fast, that two weeks on shift feels like robbery of all the little golden moments. She can ask for me now, and gets excited when we video call on Skype. I can't imagine what life would be like without all the modern conveniences and connectivity. It's a blessing and a curse.