Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm Addicted to Take-Away Shows

The sound quality doesn't do this particular song justice, but the drumming is amazing as always with Menomena - even with only two drums! The best part is about 2:30. Simply the coolest reaction to a song I have ever seen.

More on Menomena:

I was fortunate enough to see them perform up close and personal at Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville, Florida a couple years (holy crap! has it been that long? ago. I have to put that particular show in my Top 5 shows of all time. I would venture to say it earns the silver medal. The energy they convey in their music live is other-wordly. Upon first hearing the album Wet and Rusting, I thought it was at least 5 people, or studio magic layering tracks. I was pleased to find out there is no special trick to the songs, it truly is a three-piece, and they put every bit of sound into their live shows that is on the album. Anyone who has seen a show at Jack Rabbits knows the place is freakin tiny. That is part of the charm. You get to see some really great bands close enough to get their beers spilled on you if they get too froggy. The intimacy of the club is my favorite aspect of it. I lurv me a good indie rock show.

Anyway, The band has just released a new song, so hopefully they will be putting a new album out soon, and I can see them on tour again.

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