Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sympathy Weight is NO Joke; or Pee-Yew, who Fartlek'd?

Pregnancy is an amazing process. The woman's body transforms itself in to a walking, talking, human factory -- completely rerouting every nutrient, calorie, and molecule of her being into the formation of a new life: Nature's Perfect Parasite. I personally find this part to be the most intriguing. All of this transformation happens on a deeper, evolutionary level. Its all involuntary. She doesn't know why its happening, other than the fact she's carrying a baby, its just nature; the same way the human race has been reproducing since the beginning of our sense of time. Amazing.
In the same regards, Dads-to-be have been caring for the womenfolk, and getting fat for just about the same time. Its definitely worse now than in caveman times, since we're aren't out with the boys for weeks chasing down woolly mammoths to throw on the grill, or running from sabre-tooth tigers while our ladies are growing the tribe. Men now get caught in the house eat, sleep, complain, repeat cycle along with their ladies. As the mommies put on baby weight, so do the daddies. This sucks. I have managed to put back on the weight i started to lose when i first discovered Crossfit. I work-out when I am on the job, but vacationing has been rough on the slim-down front. I am in full-on sympathy weight mode.
The biggest speed bump in a diet, and in my opinion, the reason diets don't usually work for long-term results, is the fact you end being the "weird guy on some weird diet," and are alienating yourself from your friends and loved ones. My wife has a Get-Out-o-Jail-Free card on most things. I don't like it when she goes crazy on the junk food when I'm gone, but its better than her starving our little cinnamon bun. When I'm home, I end up eating when she eats. Even if I don't want to, I always end up eating something. Its also harder to find the time to work out. I can get a run in here and there, i go surfing o skating when i can, but regularity is a thing of the past, and I am making the assumption its not coming back anytime soon when the little one arrives. Either way, i'm getting bigger too. Screw that.

I decided to fight off the vacation-crap-eating-hangover today with a run in my Brother-in-Law's neighborhood today. I haven't ran enough in the past few weeks, and my body is thanking me now. However, running on inclines for the first time since I lived in Ohio combined with the afore mentioned "Daddy Belly" left me gassed and nauseous WAY too early. I had a 2.3 mile route planned, but cut it down to just under 2. I was fighting off pukie after the first hill. This caused me to run an unplanned Fartlek style shuttle run. It definitely wasn't fast, and it wasn't very pretty, but i got off the couch, and got my ass moving again. Now I just need to dial in my diet again, and let the belly fall off. As much as I don't want to, I will have to go on a modified zone diet as soon as we get back.

As a cool down, I got to do a little niece workout using lunges and squats. They didn't know why I was doing it, but they had fun trying it too!

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