Thursday, July 29, 2010

But I Digress

I've been feeling more motivated lately. My typical 2 week Alternating schedule doesn't lend itself to actual exercise when I'm on my off time, but my most recent time off actually let me get a breath. There were some slightly larger than normal waves in Jacksonville, so I got out on my big green longboard and tried to do my best Jimmy Buffett impersonation. Nose-riding is a long way off for me. I was just happy to stand up, turn, and stay on until the wave gave up. Nothing fancy, but better than where I was the last time I surfed. Which, consequently from my work schedule, was LAST AUGUST. There hasn't been too ocean recreation on my itinerary lately.

I guess the salt water and deep tan activated something in me. I fixed a lawnmower, then broke it again to the point of no return; so I had to bring the back-up mower out of it's hole and resurrect the dead. This mower has been around for 5 years now, and it has been used and abused, but still runs. It sounds like it skips every 12th cycle or so, sounds like it's choke is stuck, and bogs down even in managed grass; but it sure gets the job done. Everytime. I sweated out the rest of the previous night's BAC, and felt like a man. There is nothing more masculine than the sweat, dirt, motor oil, and fresh cut grass. Dads Rule.

The other side effect of all this Salty Testosterone is the extra motivation given to exercising. I stay in good shape, but I have been trying to fight off the 10 pounds gained since getting married, new job, missing Crossfit Jax; AND the 15 pounds from the sympathy weight. I have managed to cut the sympathy weight, which was mainly water and pudge from all the sympathy EATING I was doing during my Beautiful Wife's pregnancy. I am sitting at a solid 212 lbs. right now, but I want to see my bodyfat percentage drop to as close to single digits as I can get and still drink beer. I might bust out the measuring tape tomorrow to guestimate my current situation. Digression aside, I snuck a good workout in on Sunday in the heat consisting of Jumprope and abs for a warm-up, with walking lunges and walking on my hands in the (newly shorn) yard for the bulk of the workout. No workout on the travel day, but now I'm back in the Bayou, and have plenty of time on my hands. Yesterday was a killer workout leaving me sore today, and today's will no doubt leave me hobbled tomorrow. I plan on attempting a 5k to loosen my joints in the morning. We shall see.


Tuesday's workout:
"warm" up (It's HOT in S. Louisiana this time of year)
800m Run w/20# weight vest
20 Back extensions w/20# weight vest
10 Pull-ups w/20# weight vest

Work out
21-15-9 consecutively without rest
Ring Push-ups
Squat Jumps

Wham BAM. I was spent after this, and I wish I had a stop watch. I was going at a sub 4minute pace, but I have no proof. I Love the 21-15-9 Crossfit Rep method (my term). It sounds so simple easy, until you finish -- drenched in sweat, sucking for air. So demonically deceptive. It is simple in design: go all out, and don't stop until you are done. Blam. Sweat Angel.

Today's workout was a little more complicated, but I did excavate my stopwatch out of my gear for this one.

"warm" up (seriously. 95 in the shade)
active stretching
Push-ups with side Plank
Spiderman Push-ups

Work out:
Max Reps Double-Unders(D/U's) in 2 minutes
Ring Dips; reps = number of D/U's completed
rest 1 minute
Max Reps D/U's in 2 min.
Back Extensions; reps = number of D/U's completed
rest 1 minute
Max Reps D/U's in 2 min.
Pull Ups; reps = number of D/U's completed (minimum of 50)

I had a Jumprope issue, so I didn't get more than 41 D/U's on the last round. I did 50 to even it out.

This little guy was a ball buster! I didn't expect it to be this tough. The third round was brutal. I have to give it up to Crossfit Jax again for this idea. I was definitely stealing inspired by previous workouts there. Those guys are mad geniuses when it comes to pain. I can't and will not call my workouts Crossfit simply because I am not scoring myself, and I can't always push my limits while on the job for fear of going to the point of no return and compromising my ability to perform my job safely on a 20 minute response time. I just know that the methods are proven, and I have learned so much from the Crossfit community over the last 2 years. If I get the chance to attend a level 1 certification in the future, I will jump at the chance, but for right now, I am just making due with what is available. I am kicking my own ass in the process. But I digress...

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