Friday, August 6, 2010

Muscle-Ups (Diluted)

I was blogging in my head through my workout two days ago. 30 Muscle-ups took 48 minutes and 26 seconds to complete. You might think this was a distraction, and I should focus more on the task at hand, rather than put coherent thoughts and sentences together while I sweat, but honestly it helped keep my mind off of the clock (discouraging), and the tears on my hands. I had a post started musing on the beautiful challenges of the muscle-up and it's functional translations into real life, but due to distractions and my inability to put it all together in a coherent fashion, I deleted it. It was crap.

Short story: Muscle-ups are hard. I am getting better at them. 2 years ago I could not do 1. Wednesday I did 30 -- for time. I can do 4 in a row, but after I start getting tired I have to focus on the form, and the kip that is very similar to a pole vault. The first 15 took 20 minutes, and the last two took ten. My hands look worse today, then yesterday, and this was after re-taping twice in the middle of this. My time sucks, but I'm getting better, and a shitty time is still better than a DNF. Amen

I would like to thank the Live Oak outside of my trailer for your support -- of my RINGS!!!

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