Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fail-eo Thanksgiving, and Why I'm Not Guilty.

I have a confession to make. I ate an apple fritter today. I also had some Pecan Pie. AND THEY WERE AWESOME!!!! I didn't have too much of a chance to feel like crap, but I'm sure I would have if I wasn't too busy stuffing my coffee intake portal full of every known meat combo available along with rice dressing, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, garlic mashed potatoes and... coffee. I completely went against (nearly) everything my paleo conscience stands for today. I went into my Thanksgiving meal with reckless abandon, and I don't feel the slightest bit guilty.

Now some people need to have the strict confines of a program or a diet, and freak out completely when they "cheat" on it. You can recognize these folks by their ziploc containers full of carrots and baggies full of almonds. If you happen to offer them a particular item of food, they either flat out call you crazy or you can watch them scramble with a calculator to figure out how many shots of olive oil they need to do when they get back to their apartment on the rich side of town to offset the extra carbs. I am not this person.

I was prepared for this day. I planned ahead and had a decent workout fasted around noon. I went until my stomach felt like it was going to eat through my belly button and slap me in the face to tell me to eat an egg, so I had to eat some ham and tomatoes. I had planned on fasting all day, but running and exercising got the better of me. I needed a little fuel to last through my domination of the kitchen. I definitely went over my limit on food today, and I ate some things reserved for the 6th level of paleo purgatory, but I will be alright. I feel good.

Here is why I don't feel like I need to bath in holy bone broth: I have been feeling like ass all week. The holidays are tough when you are away from the most important things in your life, and I have been seriously down. I had the blues. Well, after losing 25 pounds this summer, and working out nearly everyday, I came to the realization, that one little apple fritter isn't going to kill me. I love apple fritters and coffee. I think, as a reward for doing so well on my little weigh-loss-body-recomposition-badassification, then dammit! I earned that little fucker! I ate that apple fritter, and it was gooooooooooood. We have a hook-up with a local bakery on the bayou, and usually when the girl brings by a box of donuts, I sneer and avoid them. I know that one leads to many, and sugar leads to more sugar cravings. they are pretty dang good. The personal sized pecan pies rival my wife's (but not even close baby). Well.... after eating said sugar bomb fat pill, I felt ok. I knew I was about to go pig the eff out anyway, so whatevs. We had Turkey(Me), Venison, Turducken from a local specialty meat store, green bean casserole, rice dressing(cajun dirty rice), deviled eggs, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes(me), and I ran out of room for home made carrot cake. Paleo Fail. the turkey and venison, not so much, but a lot of the other stuff - FAIL. But you know what? I done got rid of my blues for the day. SO I feels alright.

I'm simmering what's left of the turkey to make a stock. My plan is to live on the broth most of tomorrow. I think i'll need a good cleaning.

I want to say I am thankful. I am extremely thankful for my little family, and the fact that I have a job that lets me take care of them. They are my world, and I hate the fact that Daddy has to travel to give them the best life possible, but I am truly thankful that My beautiful little daughter has her beautiful mother taking car of her in our pretty little corner near the ocean. I love you.


  1. Rock on. Love this! I eat clean, like, 95% of the time so on those rare occasions, I can choose to indulge like the hedonist I am at heart. Glad you enjoyed yourself... I did, too! (Why, hello, fresh-baked apple crisp and homemade vanilla ice cream!)

  2. Thanks Melicious!

    I was actually expecting more of a food hangover, but I am feeling better today than I did yesterday. It almost makes me want another little pecan pie.

    I think keeping the feasts to RARE occasions like they were in the old days is perfectly fine. I say there is no such thing as a diet during a holiday. Just keep it rare, and keep it special. Gluttony cheapens the art of food.

  3. Yeah, fundamentalist paleo is kinda annoying. I just don't like how grains make me feel so I started working on converting my mom to paleo about 6 months ago. It was a deep game, but ultimately paid off in pies made with almond/coconut flour crust.

    Turkey, ham, roasted veggies, and yams followed by pumpkin and pecan pie is paleo enough for this kid.

  4. Have you perfected a pie crust recipe? I could definitely put that arrow in my quiver.


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