Monday, January 3, 2011

Expectations For 2011

I make a point NOT to make Resolutions at the New Year. I work better with goals in mind, rather than a half-hearted attempt at resolving to change something that needed to be changed in the first place. It has never been a good source of motivation for me, and from observation, not many others. I want to set a few goals in this post, but not exclusive fitness goals. I want to be a more consistent writer. My posts have been sparse lately, and I only have myself to blame. I find that when I have an actual person to listen to me rant and rave, I tend to get out what's bugging me, thereby negating the desire to write it all down. This is unfair to my readers, even if it is still a small number. I would like to get my traffic up.

I know there are hacks to drive more traffic through social media, but I had to put that crack pipe down for a little while. Facebook had become a holding tank for all the BS I don't like about the human race in general, and I had to give it up. I would prefer to see my friends in person rather than online. I have tossed around the idea of twitter strictly for traffic to this site, but meh. I just don't want to mess with it. If this keeps my traffic lower than it needs to be, then so be it. I have only put a few decent pieces on here in the last few months anyway. If I was writing things worth sharing, I feel like it would stand on it's own feet. The blame is on me. I need to be a more diligent blogger.

I am interested in seeing what other bloggers out there use for motivation in getting their posts up. I read a lot of extremely good blogs out there that seem effortless, yet full of outstanding content and opinions. My link list is too short to hold everything i read on a daily basis. I try to post the best of the best (in my opininon) whenever I come across it. There is so much inspiration out there. Richard Nikoley and his blog Free the Animal has been a huge inspiration and motivator, and one of the loudest voices in the Paleo community. Likewise, Melissa Urban, who wrote the Urban Gets Diesel blog, and evolved it into a business and HUGELY influential program in the communtiy at the Whole9. As a blogger (did I just say that?), these two have been the most influential.

I do not want to be a parrot. I don't want to be the kind of writer that just takes someone else's Idea and redoes it in my voice. Every time I read a dark chocolate review, I want to throw up -- my coffee and dark chocolate. Whenever I see the Banksy picture of a Neanderthal holding McDonalds again I just want to stick a butter knife in my eye. It's been done to death. I used to post recipes, but honestly, there are enough Paleo and Primal cookbooks out there that my recipes are just drops in the bucket. It's extremely easy to cook Paleo foods. Just don't use flour, sugar, corn, rice, soy, canola, or feces. Especially the feces. No one wants that in their food. I could post workout advice, but I am not a personal trainer, I am not a crossfit trainer. Does that make my opinion less valid? No. It's just an opinion. I am at a loss. Where am I supposed to take this little blog?

Here is my Goal: Write more. It doesn't even need to be anything all that grandiose, or anything with a limited scope. I am Paleo, I workout, I travel, I am a dad, I play and listen to music. I have a multitude of topics to cover, so I just need to cover them. I am still burned out on social media, so if you like something i write, do a guy a solid and link to it every so often. If it sucks, tell me. I respond to criticism. I love getting comments. Drop one. I will do my best to stay caffeinated motivated, and fresh words falling into my laptop. The more I voice my ideas, the better I get at implementing plans.


  1. I like your approach to the New Year. Set goals not make resolutions. I also commented so you would know that you have a least one reader stopping by to see what your opinions are. I'm thinking about starting a blog but it seems there are a ton of paleo/primal blogs now, so my first goal is to get focused on what to blog about. Happy New Years and stay caffeinated...I mean motivated.

  2. Thank you Bodhi! I appreciate the comments!

    I agree there are tons of Paleo/Primal blogs out there. It gets to be annoying after a while to see the same thing repeating the same thing. I love the idea of a blog, but I never set out to be locked into a scope. It just sort of fit. I started this thing (before the flood of new cave-blogs) to keep myself honest in my workout progress, and to motivate me to be a better writer. It turned into an outlet, and it has helped to keep me honest on my health and fitness approach. I think about how I have to account for the off-meal or two. The whole Idea was to just chronicle all my misadventures, but ended up getting narrowed down to a Paleo/Primal thing only because I also did.


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