Friday, March 11, 2011

Fresh Kill Like a Boss

Richard Nikoley at Free The Animal posted this. I love the camera angle when the three hunters stand up and stroll up to the lion pride like a boss. No fear. They just casually and confidently walk up top hundreds of bloody teeth waiting to tear into some flesh. I mean, what's a little twig of a human to a lion compared to a wildebeast? It's like the primal version of Office Space. "I can't say I've been missing work, !gembeh" Absolutely brilliant. This is what human is. We are the Top tier of the food chain.

Is it bad that I start thinking of ways to cook a Wildebeast shank? I wonder if they smoke the hock to throw in with some cassava? Do they have tony Chacherere's in Africa?

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  1. I love that video, I'd sure like to see three western humans do that :)


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