Saturday, March 12, 2011

Louisiana Saturday Night

Twist the tail, peel the tail, pinch the head and suck the fat, eat the tail meat. Sip frosty cold adult beverage. Repeat.

this was about 5 pounds for round 1

The best part about the Louisiana Cajun culture is most definitely the Crawfish. Every spring the mudbugs start getting big, and the rice ponds are filled with the suckers. It blows me away how many are in a sack, and we boiled two sacks or 72 pounds worth of crustaceans. I don't know the chef's personal recipe, and he wouldn't tell me if I asked, but I know it was awesome. The smell of a pot of boiling crawfish is like nothing else, and once you smell it, you will say the same. The closest thing i can think of is lobster. Crawfish, however, are more tender and there is the "fat" in the head. The real cajuns and folks in the know will suck the head, and maybe even give a little pinch to extract the flavor. If they are big enough you may even be able to get some meat out of the claws. Down here people don't look at you sideways if you shove your pinky finger into the head and pull out the fat, either.

Round 1. We could only boil so many at a time!

I am spreading the word about the Paleo movement one belly at a time. I know the seasonings that go into a boil may be considered off limits, and some of the paleo reenacting purists could get on my case about this, but honestly this is one of the most traditional and most primal meals in Cajun culture. Crawfish were a meal handed down by the Attakapa and Chitimacha Natives to the first Acadian settlers when they immigrated to the area in the middle part of the 18th century after the French and Indian War. These little guys are mostly shell, and what meat is there is delicious and nutritious. It takes about 5 or 6 pounds of crawfish to make a pound of tail meat, and each ounce of that meat according to, leaves you with 15g of protein and plenty of zinc to keep your pirogue in the water. A pirogue is a boat not a potato dumpling in case you were curious.

Either you hate 'em or you love 'em, but I know I love dem bugs.


  1. I'm glad you enjoy them, but ew! I'm obviously from too far north to appreciate such things :)


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