Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome. First Official Blog Post.

Welcome to My blog. I will be posting rants, raves, craves, recipes, stories, music reviews, things I detest, things, that i love, musings on the meaning of life, and basically passing on what my brain has to offer unto you my audience.

The inspiration for my writing with this post is actually about the Disney Pixar movie UP. My wife and I decided to go see the 3D version at the local mega-theater complex (which I HATE). I normally cringe when going to movies, but I knew a 3D approach would be fun, and it would put a smile on my lovely lady's face, so we went. We fought the afternoon traffic, we nearly blistered in the Florida afternoon heat, and my blood pressure was probably up quite a bit when we got there. I hate that we have to spend $30 for two people to see a matinee now. It got me thinking about how expensive its going to be to take kids to movies when we have them, and when they are old enough to go. At this rate the price of a family outing to the theatres will be the same price as a car payment in the next decade. How is a young family supposeed to cope with the rising cost of entertainment? Sometimes its enough to ant to go back to a time of whitling wood into musical instruments and telling stories by the fire while your momma sings out of the family hymnal on a Saturday Night. Daddy could be a'pickin on his banjo while Ma tends to the fire.

Peace. Boring Peace.

So on to the Movie. You can go to the official site HERE. I really enjoyed this movie. If you want a great date night for a couple who is serious about one another, or for your wife of 30 years, this is definitely a must see. Its beautiful for children and adults alike. The story is heartbreakingly touching, but its very humorous and comical all the way through. I give it a big stamp of approval.

I don't want to go too far into the story because the first 20 minutes of the film give you the back story and the heart of the story. It all comes down to a Man loving his wife, and his home being a symbol of that love, won't ever give it up for anything. When put under the confrontation of being forced to move into a retirement home so a corporate high-rise can be built over his old house, he fills thousand of balloons with helium, and ties then to his fireplace. He lifts off and floats away on an adventure he had promised his wife they would make one day together, only to find things were more difficult than he thought when a young stow-away goes along for the ride. Add a few talking dogs, a big colorful bird, and a crazy old Bad Guy, and you have a great story. No Spoilers from me!

The thing that got me about the story was the lifelong devotion to his wife. I am recently married, and it made me think about how life pans out. People make big plans, but something always has a way of sneaking in front on the priority list. I have so many places I want go, and so many experiences i haven't had yet, but I can never seem to make the plans fall into place to make it happen. I have been on a few really great adventures throughout my military career, and from traveling on my own, but it never ends, and it will never be enough. I know the responsibility I have to my wife, and the eventual family we will create. It isn't just me in this adventure anymore. I hope I can find a way to bring her, our future children, and whoever else into the mix without screwing up. I just want to do this right.

I love you Baby.

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  1. Mike, you're a wonderful blogger and I'm so glad I finally had the time to sit and read. You are now linked to my site, and I look forward to reading more!


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