Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life as it stands on a few drinks of Rum

I tend to be more verbose after consuming some decent rum drinks. Sailor Jerry and Coke Zero have been giving me a silver tongue for the evening, but it really doesn't matter. 1. You need an audience, and 2. you have to have people that care what comes out of your mouth. Rum provides Neither.

I decidede to share the wealth of the down-home blues of Captain Luke and Cool John playing a cover of the Brook Benton version of "Rainy Night in Georgia." I absolutely love this song, and this version-- with the boys sitting in a pawnshop or guitar store or whatever-- makes it so much more authentic and real. Captain Luke's Double Bass rumbling through the bottom end of the range as Cool John rings out the harmonics like he's directing a herald of cherubim. Call it poetic, but don't deny that this version sounds great, and Cool John can play that guitar!

Here is another video of Captain Luke teaching the finer points of singing Bass:

You can find more videos of the last great Blues Men and the best of independent music on The Musicmaker Foundation website with links to more and more the videos of men and women like Captain Luke and Cool John bustin' it out to keep the lights on all throughout The South. Give them a listen. This is what the blues is about.

Now don't forget the Punkin' Puddin'

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