Monday, December 6, 2010

Still Here, Just Swamped

In my official off-weeks from my full-time job, I have very little time set aside to write. I want to post something to prove I am still engaged in this whole blogging process, so here are some random things loosely strung together.

I generally dislike Christmas time. This year is not as bad as last year, but only because I have a baby. It's our first Christmas together. I could care less because I am 1000 miles away from my birthplace, and my folks, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins who I used to spend Christmas time with are all over the country or left in my birthplace in BFE, Ohio. I now have a "new" family-in-law, and that makes me happy. I am glad I have a place to be on Christmas, and people that I care about around me. Plus, I can experience the fun vicariously through little eyes now. My bah-humbug is slowly dying. We put up our christmas tree today, and I wore a santa hat drinking cider.

This leads into the slow creeping weight gain I tend to experience in only the 2 weeks I have at home between shifts. Remember when i talked about how Alcohol derails my intestinal fortitude for clean eating? Well this past weekend was our annual Holiday Party for my reserve squadron. I have to confess. I ate Whataburger. I didn't totally binge on crap, but eating fast-food in the wee hours of the morning isn't exactly going to do anything good for your health. To be fair, however, neither are Whisky and beer. I am working on cleaning up again, but it's not as easy at home, and definitely difficult to do with a constantly varying flight schedule with the reserves. I refuse to do a 24 hour fast while flying. It's an un-necessary risk. I find myself living off ham nuts, and jerky. The Navy is far from adopting a paleo approach to health. In fact, I would would guess it's on the no-no list of buzz words that says I should get a flight surgeon's consent before even eating healthy. Whatever. I swam my SAR Fitness test faster than I have EVER since they instituted the new testing system. I went and checked. I knocked a minute off my average without being in the pool for 2 months. I guess what I am doing is working.

So the while the rest of society calls us crazy for wanting meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts over processed industrial agri-products, the Paleo/Primal/PaNu/WAPF/Neanderthin/low Carb community is getting healthier, lighter, stronger, faster, and more and more smug. I have no problem ordering three eggs and a ham steak in front of my friends. I love taking three hours to slowly cook the stock out of left over bones. I need an IV Drip with Coconut milk and coffee. I hate eating before noon now, and I love to feel the giant boost of energy i get from a fasted workout that doesn't make me want to puke my breakfast out. I love having to buy new jeans only to find out they are too big. Brang it, Conventional wisdom. I have your broscience right here.

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