Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where’s The Butter?

Where’s The Butter?

I had a conversation with an individual on this very topic. He worked in a restaurant, but still gets confused between the difference in Butter and Margarine. WTF?
“Excuse me,” I asked him politely, “but do you have any butter butter? Real butter, I mean, not margarine?” His momentarily confused expression quickly passed, and then he promised to go ask his manager.

Five minutes later, the manager came out and asked me what I wanted. I reiterated that I simply wanted some butter. I wasn’t trying to be a pain, but surely the restaurant had real butter somewhere back in the kitchen.

Five minutes later, he returned. “We don’t have any butter,” he said.


  1. Is this real? Do they need to bring back the "Butter... Parkay... Butter... Parkay..." advertisement as a PSA to educate people on the difference between dairy and hydrogenated oil?

  2. I was discussing the disconnect between the farm and the consumer, and the convo led to butter. He was completely confused between the two. He even went so far as to mention how good MoveOver Butter was. "That's Margarine!!!" I exclaimed.
    He had no clue. I just looked up what the hell that crap is, and it's margarine, that they add buttermilk to for that real butter flavor.

    It is so hard to get people to believe in Real Food. The problem lies in lack of education, and believing the marketing campaigns. When you watch Jaime Oliver in West Virginia talking with school kids that didn't know what a tomato was, and conversations like I had with my friend, It's only downhill from here.

  3. I know several people that are not sure if coconut milk is a diary product. Very sad. I guess the word milk causes confusion.


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