Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Adventure of the Month: AUTEC

According to some kook on the history channel, the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center, or AUTEC, is the Area 51 of the Atlantic. Apparently they store UFO's in the blue holes of Andros, but I have never seen them. In reality, AUTEC is a little facility on Andros Island, Bahamas the US and British Navies practice playing submarine. It's more Down Periscope, than Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind. The facility also happens to be very large part of the island economy. I love talking to the local Bahamians.
I am on my way to Opa Locka, where my helicopter will get fuel, and then fly across the water to Fresh Creek. For the next 4 days, my compatriots and I will be dropping torpedoes and shooting guns from Navy helicopters; while trying to find time to snorkel with the barracudas, and drink goombay smashes on the beach. This is to distract us from the fact we are confined to a mile square piece o rock, living in shitty barracks, and away from our families. I personally intend on working out every day as well.

Andros Island is a beautiful Island, but I have only really seen it from the air. It's pock marked with Blue Holes - fresh water filled holes that seem to have no bottom. They are essentially caves formed in the limestone or coral of the islands that open up to the ocean somewhere along the shelf. Andros is set on the edge of an area of deep water called the Tongue Of The Ocean. The shelf drops off to 1000 fathoms.

The weather is hot, the girls are not. Rum is cheap, beats the heat.

I may have internet, but I might not.

Whatever. The reserves are still a pretty cool second job.

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