Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back at Work/ Back on Track

I have been traveling more than normal the last few weeks. The adventures in Ohio, Bahamas and various airports have been less than kind on my eating habits and workout routines. Managing a few fasts and a few workouts has been difficult. Ohio was great, the Navy Trip to the Bahamas was more work-hard-play-hard than relaxation, and I am using the time at work to get back on track. I can control more factors while on the job. I feed myself only most of the time, and I don't eat at restaurants. This helps curb the up-sale forced feedings from most restaurants, and keeps me away from lunchables. I can focus on getting the nutrients I need, and experiment with recipes. I can also fast as long as I can since there is no one else needing to be fed. I have set a goal of running twice as much as normal this hitch to get my mileage up. I haven't decided whether I am going to run a race next year or not, but it doesn't really matter. I don't compete with anyone but myself anymore. I just want to lose solid weight -- even if that means losing some muscle mass. I want to be under 200 again. Leaner, Quicker, and Faster. We'll see what happens. I'm off to a good start after today's workout.

Workout: (as intended)
1 mile with 20# Vest
50 Sledgehammers (25 each side)
40 WaterJug Frontsquats (5 gal.)
30 Single Leg Deadlift (15 Each Leg)
20 Back Extensions

I was running this workout with a partner, and ended up doing the exercises in reverse, so it slowed me down. I burned up my back early on, and it ended up being more of a strength/ muscle endurance workout than a strictly High intensity workout. My partner was doing the workout as originally intended and finished a little after I did. I'm definitely feeling this one this evening. time for a nice rest before some extra running tomorrow.

EDIT: I added a Tabata Kettlebell Swing after resting for a few minutes. 35 Lbs Alternating arms until the last 2 intervals.

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