Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Dream of Music

Sometimes one has a dream that breaks through the morning fog, and is still memorable on the conscious side. These are best written down and shared, so as to keep a hold of them. The downside, however, is there is always someone who thinks they can decipher what nonsense your brain is aligning in to a story, and give you their best Freudian opinion of what all that junk means. I don't believe there is anything to dreams other than your brain trying to make sense of thought fragments caught between the conscious and subconscious thought pathways. But whatever, this makes a good story.

Somehow, my family figured out how to travel back in time. I'll leave this as the premise because I don't know how or why, but i do know it revolved around stormy weather and massive amounts of electricity. We (My wife, me, and DB) all ended up staying in a hotel (think shitty Ramada) that had a small BBQ party next door to it outside of someone's garage. Well at this party, there were the token middle aged white guys in Hawaiian shirts with Coors Light, but also... Junior Kimbrough and Asie Payton! They were drinking beer and playing guitar waiting on the ribs to be done.
Now normally I would be star-struck with the weight of these dead bluesmen, but I was their new Best Friend -- despite not wearing any pants!!! (this is where the dreamy-ness of all this comes into play)

Asie and Junior Played, taking turns passing around an old beat up acoustic. Eventually I wandered back to our car and put on some pants to go back to the plastic chair between the two bluesmen. They let me play them a couple songs, and I remember how beautiful the songs were. They were full composititons of songs I haven't written yet, and Asie and Junior were floored at how good it all was! Humbly I thanked them, and had to leave to find my wife and daughter -- the music still ringing in my ears. The song was so good, but I never make the transititon of the songs i hear when i'm asleep to the songs I play on my guitar. There is so much good music hidden in my brain, I just can't access it.

The rest of the dream involved me climbing the hard way through some sort of power plant that looked like it was in a Transformers cartoon or some kind of movie set. Cue the big sparks and lightning and storms. after I found my wife and child I woke up. I never figured out how we got back in time, but whatever. It's just a dream. I know this because I wasn't wearing pants the majority of the time. Pretty standard really.

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